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Service driven, competitive and flexible, UKsealants offer a wide range of branded products online. Our team of web designers have designed the website with a view to making the selection process through to the checkout as straightforward as possible.

Sikaflex 221 Adhesive & Sealant 300ml

Sikaflex 221 Adhesive & Sealant.Sikaflex 221 from just £5.55 Per tube + VAT (Box 12 Price) ...

7.55 inc VAT

Sikabond 5500S Wood Flooring Adhesive 16kg

Sikabond 5500 S: Solvent Based Wood Flooring Adhesive 16kg.Always in Stock!!A solvent based, rigid adhesive ...

57.00 inc VAT

EVT Prime Colour - Silicone (RAL Coloured Silicones)

The all new Prime Colour RAL Coloured Silicone Sealant!Without doubt the best, highest and most consistant ...

5.00 inc VAT

Fix All High Tack MS Polymer.

More than just a sealant! Seals all - Bonds all. Brilliant.Fix All Seals and Bonds High Tack from ...

5.57 inc VAT

Sikaflex 11FC+ Adhesive & Sealant 300ml

New Box Price of £114.00 - That's just £7.92 per tube!!Huge UK stocks of all colours!! Next ...

9.99 inc VAT

Illbruck FM617 High Yield Expanding Foam (Hand Held) 540ml

A High Yield expanding Foam which has an acoustic barrier of up to 58db, and is waterproof when fully ...

5.79 inc VAT

Silirub HT-N High Temperature Silicone Sealant

A High temperature Silicone Sealant, perfect for sealing and bonding glass in oven doors or for oven ...

5.88 inc VAT

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Soudal SMX 506 Sealant For Self Cleaning Glass

SMX®506 is the only sealant ...

8.00 inc VAT

Silirub HT-N High Temperature Silicone Sealant

A High temperature Silicone ...

5.88 inc VAT

Everbuild 109 Anti-Pick Resistant Mastic Sealant

Everbuild 109 Anti-Pick Sealant - ...

4.16 inc VAT

Fix All Crystal Clear MS Polymer

"It's brilliant! Put between ...

5.83 inc VAT

Silirub Colour. RAL Coloured Silicone

The RAL Coloured Silicone. Silirub ...

68.00 inc VAT